What Do Real Estate Pros Look For When Buying In Beach Haven

Dated: 06/29/2016

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When looking to buy a home in Beach Haven or anywhere else for that matter most buyers jump right in when they see a house that's beautifully decorated and has curb appeal too.  But what  are the priorities of real estate pros when they buy a home??  Donna DeZube, a real estate writer asked a few real estate pros that very question and here are some of their thoughts.  For one partner in a large real estate firm, her advice is to "Make sure your practical and functional priorities don't get lost in 'granite counters, new hardwood floors and a steam shower!'"  You can always change your homes amenities, but can't change location and price.  Another pro recommends going a step farther to uncover future maintenance costs.  Don't just find out the age of the roof, siding and furnace, but add to that the age of the appliances as well. Scope out the sewer line and really know what's covered on you homeowner's policy.  Some additional advice is to really think about what you want.  You may think you want a single family home instead of a condo unit, but do you really want the maintenance that goes with a single family home, such as cleaning out gutters?!  Also, think ahead before you buy.  Do you have aging parents that may soon need space in your home?   Are you childless, but when they come along you will require more bedrooms?  And finally, almost all real estate pros focus on RESALE value of your property.   Don't buy or build something you can't resell!  This includes buying a home in a neighborhood that is priced outside the neighborhood's average price.  So, when buying a home on Long Beach Island or anywhere else, keep in mind the priorities of the experts, because who knows real estate better?

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