Long Beach Twp Amends Allowable Building Height

Dated: 01/23/2013

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The Long Beach Township Board of Commissioners adopted an ordinance at its meeting last Friday, Jan. 18, that amends an existing ordinance and allows buildings to be erected or enlarged 2 feet higher. Clerk Lynda Wells said ordinance 12-32C, which “deals with flood damage prevention … and height restrictions of buildings,” as stated in the ordinance, was designed to clarify provisions of a chapter of the municipal code related to conformity to Federal Emergency Management Agency regulations as developed by the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map created last month.

Previously, in an A and the AO Zone, as defined by the previous FEMA flood map, no building or structure could exceed 32 feet in height. In the beach dune area, or V Zone, the maximum allowable height was 34 feet for buildings or structures on lots regulated by the established oceanfront building line. The amended ordinance pushes the height limits 2 feet higher in both areas.

“To further clarify this,” said Mayor Joseph Mancini, “we are not adopting the flood map as put out. We have a lot of disagreements with it. However, this does allow new construction to be built at their recommended base flood elevations.

“What we’re allowing is, if you want to build your house 2 feet higher, you can. You don’t have to go the Land Use Board or anything like that.”

In other news, the township is seeking Community Development Block Grant applications for 2013. The board of commissioners will hold a public hearing regarding CDBG funding availability at its next regular meeting, at 4 p.m. on Feb. 1.

“Citizens and agencies or organizations are invited to comment on the housing and community development needs for the township of Long Beach, and to obtain a project application,” said Mancini.

As Commissioner Ralph Bayard added, the township will be filing an application to request $50,000 to rebuild a handicap ramp for the beach at 68th Street in Brant Beach. “The old one was obviously destroyed in the storm,” said Bayard. “We expect to get about $35,000.”

Commissioner Joseph Lattanzi mentioned the new Long Beach Township Long-Term Recovery Committee – developed to “give us guidance on how to move forward from the storm” – which is posting and updating information online at LBIisAlive.com.

“That program has gotten off to a real good start,” said Lattanzi. “We’ve really gotten a lot of the background information on track. It’s a pretty stable picture to date, but obviously an ongoing project.” He has also reached out to officials in the other towns, and “everyone is pretty interested in participating.”

Last, Mancini pointed out that there are still four easement holdouts in Holgate, and noted, “We’re starting to push in the Brant Beach area again, and we presently have over 1 mile put together from North Beach up to the Dunes. It’s very critical that the four holdouts in Holgate sign; otherwise, we will not be participating in the funding that Congress has just voted on.”

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