The Bakers Dozen Hurricane Survival Kit

Dated: 09/20/2017

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The Baker's Dozen Hurricane Survival Kit

The Atlantic hurricane season technically doesn't end until November 30, and with the amount of activity witnessed thus far-- that's a scary thought. As we close in on the 5th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy the numerous hurricanes wreaking havoc already this year on the Caribbean, Florida and Texas have many local New Jersey residents rightfully alarmed. After all, many residents along the 100 miles of New Jersey coastline are still recovering from Sandy's devastation which was particularly prominent for residents in Ocean and Monmouth counties. By the time Sandy had left New Jersey, close to 350,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Whether you're a local resident or one who vacations from Northern Jersey, Pennsylvania or New York you probably still know of someone close to your heart that's still feeling the horrific adverse affects of Sandy.  Unfortunately, it negatively altered the lives of thousands of people forever.

As a stubborn Hurricane Juan staggers off the New Jersey coastline this past week causing devastating riptides, rough boating/ocean conditions and some occasional minor flooding over on Long Beach Island-- it's probably a good time to focus on some hurricane survival essentials. And let's not forget hurricane Maria who is crushing San Juan at this current hour as one of the biggest and most potent category 5 storms to hit the area in 80 years. Some special prayers and well wishes are needed for those in this monster storm's path.  There's no doubt it will take years and hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of residents to recover. Some may never do so. Many lives will be sadly lost.

Let's hope us New Jerseyans escape any hurricanes and/or potent nor'easter's for the remainder of 2017 and for many years in the distant future. Having said that.. here's a list of storm essentials you should have on hand just in case we're not so fortunate. The best hurricane and storm advice is to be prepared, use common sense and follow the instructions of local authorities. 

1) Sturdy Backpack (If you need to evacuate quickly, you'll need a bag big and sturdy enough to hold everything listed below)

2) Phone Charger/Radio (You might even want to consider a solar charged device in case you don't have access to electrical power)

4) Flashlight (With plenty of extra batteries)

5) Water (FEMA recommends 1 gallon per person per day)

6) First-Aid Kit (Besides your traditional band-aids and cotton balls you might want to throw in duct tape, plastic bags, matches and scissors)

7) Food (Protein bars; canned food; crackers and don't forget your hand-held can opener)

8) Medications ( Any pills you take daily will need come with you)

9) Blankets (In case you get stranded in your car or some other location and you might need to hunker down for the night)

10) Important Papers (Including your bank account information, insurance policies etc.)

11) Gas (Not only for your automobile but have a few extra cans if you have a portable generator or plan to be driving for a long period of time)

12) Toilet Paper (Speaks for itself!)

13) Cash (If the power goes out for an extensive period of time you might not have access to an ATM)

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