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Dated: 05/02/2018

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Are you thinking of moving or downsizing, but aren't sure how to handle it or if you are even ready ? Per the Council of Residential Specialists you aren't alone. "51 percent of retirees 50 and older say their most recent move was into a smaller home, according to a 2016 survey by Merrill Lynch".  I recently did it and as a realtor you would think that I would be mentally and physically prepared but let me tell you - It was not easy ! These realizations and steps might help you.  

Step 1  -  Figure out why you want to downsize or move. Is it housing costs, to reduce home maintenance, because of job relocation or instability, because you'd like to be closer to family, your home is simply too large now for your current family life, don't want steps any longer  or you would like to use the equity in your home ? Every person has their unique reasons but rest assured that their have been hundreds who have moved because of those reasons as well.  

Step 2 - While you are figuring out Step 1 , utilize this time to really look around your home and start to say to yourself these things.  If I were to list my home for sale what do I need to do ?  De-clutter? Purge ?  Paint ? Clean ? 

Step 3 - - Start little by little doing items you have identified from Step 2 .  If you haven't used that serving platter in over a year, or worn those shoes and dress in a long while, it's time to get rid of them.  Ask relatives or friends if they could use them; if not give them to good will (many will pick up items from your door step) . This may be an emotional process but try to be realistic and methodical about it . (Trust me this helps - it's actually kind of freeing !) . Do one room at a time - do not go from room to room and back again as you will never feel like you have accomplished anything that way!  Remember, methodical helps here - one room at a time and before you know it you will be ready to move on.

Step 4 -  After the "purge" take another look around. Pretend you are a buyer who has no sentimental attachment to anything in or about your house.  What do you see ?  Cobwebs on the fixtures? Dirty grout in the bathrooms ?  Cat little box full ? You get the picture.  It's time to "SPRING CLEAN" - not surface clean, really down and dirty scrubbing.  Now that your home is sparkly clean and smells fresh it's time for Step 5.

Step 5 -  Contact local realtors and ask for a No Cost, No Obligation CMA.  No one knows the market place better than your local real estate agent. No matter what you think your home is worth I really recommend you contacting at least 1- 3 agents.  They will come in with comparatives and show you what's happening sale wise in your town ( homes currently on the market in your neighborhood, recent sales, prices and time frames).  

Step 6 -  With all of this new information you can now decide if you want to move for what ever reason and market your home.  

Good Luck and Happy Spring Cleaning !  

Jayne Porta of the Regan Porta Team

Van Dyk Group

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