Elf On The Shelf

Dated: 12/18/2013

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   The Elf on the Shelf   Traditions form some of Christmas' most enduring memories.   The hanging of stockings, the exchange of gifts with family and friends, and mailing of greeting cards are a few of the more wide spread traditions.  

     The Elf on the Shelf is my favorite.  As tradition has it, a special elf that is sent by Santa on the first day of December to see what kids are naughty or nice!   A name is given to the elf by the family as soon as he appears.    The naming bestows a special magic upon the elf enabling him to fly so he can report back to Santa at the North Pole.  Each morning the elf appears in a different location somewhere in the home. Sometimes the elf leaves evidence of his prior nights activities.   He might have had a tea party or eaten the candy canes off the tree, or he might just leave a note about what he’s been observing. The elf fills the house with excitement and anticipation each day.  So Santa knows what the children are up to, and the children know that Santa has them in his heart.

     The most important rule is that the elf can not be touched!  Touching the elf removes his magic and might result in eliminating the home from Santa's Christmas list.  On Christmas morning the elf is gone, replaced by evidence of Santa's Christmas Eve visit.  

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