Pricing Your Barnegat Home To Sell

Dated: 02/07/2014

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Barnegat New Jersey residents ask this question all the time “should I leave wiggle room in the price”? Its always a NO! An overpriced home gets few, if any showings. Buyers have an arsenal of information at their fingertips and will pass up any overpriced listings. They know which are overpriced by the length of time they’re on the market.

Listen to your Realtor!
The key to a successful sale is the right price for the condition and location of the property compared to others that have recently sold. The big word here is SOLD. Be sure you’re comparing neighborhoods, along with same bedroom and bath count. Other factors are lot size, upgraded features and amenities like pools and spas.
How Buyers Think!
If a buyer sees your home has been for sale more than 6 months, they wonder of something is wrong with it. There may actually be something wrong, but that’s ok, there’s a buyer for every home and it’s just about pricing it accordingly. If there is nothing wrong and it sits stale on the market, a buyer may make an offer, but it will most likely be a “low-ball offer”.
Avoiding “Low-ball” offers!
The way to avoid potential low-ball offers is to price your Barnegat home correctly from day one. This price is determined from previously sold homes. I say this again because I've had many people say; but I paid $50,000 more than that! The fact is that what you paid and what your Barnegat home is worth are two different things. Pricing your home at the fair market value eliminates any guess work on the buyers part, and will most likely yield a higher sale price in the end.  
To speak to me about pricing your home simply call 609-287-9847, text “rsaparitojr” to 609-789-0707, visit or click the Chat now button. If you want to see a list of the latest Barnegat New Jersey homes for sale, click this link  
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